"Broken Bricks" lyrics - THE WHITE STRIPES

"Broken Bricks"
(Jack White / Meg White)

Well, have you been to the broken bricks, girl?
Snuck down through the cyclone fence
Past the caution tape and the security gate
Backwards to the break room bench

Well, there was a little corner where you first got kissed
And felt your boyfriend's fist and made the company list
And there's a little spot where your dad ate lunch
And your brother landed his first punch, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well, now you've been to the broken bricks, girl
Seen the barrels that they've left behind
Seen the machine that got aluminum clean
And cut tape from the caution sign
I've broken two window panes
Just a rusty colored rain that drives a man insane
You tried jump over water but you land in oil
Climbed the metal of a broken crane, yeah, yeah, yeah

Don't go to the broken bricks, girl
It's not a place that you want to be
Think about the spot your father spent his life
Demolition calls it building C
Demolition calls it building C, now
Demolition calls it building C, now, yeah