"A Traveling Song" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"A Traveling Song"

Down the road to travel
Over the hills of plenty
On we ramblers go
Numbering four and twenty
Fancy you a song
Sung in the older fashion
Won't you sing along
To one of the tunes you know

Storytellers all
We gather about your table
Long into the night
With legend and myth and fable
Heroes of renown
Glorious tales of splendor
Servants of the crown
Battle against their foe

Pay the piper well
And bring him a drink of brandy
Up he'll strike a tune
Play it so fine and dandy
Call the local lads
Gather the neighbor's daughters
We shall have a dance
Down in the fields below

When we find a welcome
Calling upon the gentry
Rest your watches long
Quiet your guard and sentry
Rid your mind of care
Banish all weight and worry
Feast and wine prepare
Generous game to show

Still the night is young
And traveling on with pleasure
Grant us wishes well
Luck in the fullest measure
Bid you all adieu
Stories to keep and treasure
When we're passing through
Ever and on we go