"The Wounded Crow" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"The Wounded Crow"

When once I was alone
All to myself I did espy
That on the lonely road
Lo, a wounded crow did lie

Its sore and injured wing
Bent and broken by his side
Once his pride
Was now a weeping ruin
Causing him to loudly sigh

Come to me quickly
And answer if you hear my cry
If you refuse
I will surely die

At once I was amazed
Who did make so grave a call
What creature had I found and
Where the reason for his fall

An archer bold said he
Sought to take me for his prize
From the skies
And pierced me through and through
This you see is my demise

But hark to me quickly
And soon you'll learn the reason why
Men hunt me down
Low and high
For I have two wishes
To grant unto the lucky man
Who captures me fast
In his hand

I was in great surprise
For to hear so strange a tale
But also quite obliged
On this fortune to avail

So wished I for a chest
Bound with jewels and with gold
Wealth untold
And for a silver crown
All with wonder to behold

No sooner had I spoke
Riches round me did appear
Gems so dear
And died the creature strange
Midst the treasures standing near

When who should come quickly
And find me in this new estate
The archer arrived
Once a moment late

So now I have plenty
And journey where you never know
And fortune may come
Everywhere I go