"Carried Away" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"Carried Away"

Don't know what I've been doing lately
But it's time that I figured out
'Cause I'm starting to think that maybe
You could be what this is all about
Though I'm trying to keep my center
And keep all my goals in view
I'm caught up in this sense of wonder
Captured at the thought of you

I get carried away
It's so easy to stray
Seems like everyday
I can't get enough
Of what you do, what you say
Keeps me wishing this way
I get carried away
All the time

Well, it's starting to be an issue
'Cause the more that I look I find
All the world could be gone around me
But I can't get you off my mind
It's so hard to be realistic
When you happen to be so near
I don't want to mess up our friendship
If there isn't something deeper here


Why can't reality
Be made of you and me
It can't be that hard to see
I know we're meant to be
That's my guarantee
Hoping someday you'll agree

So, I'm gathering up my courage
'Cause I gotta come clean tonight
I can't take one more day not knowing
Just tell me if I'm wrong or right