"So Close" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"So Close"

Do you remember
All of the times we said goodbye
And all of the times we never got to say hello

We said that someday
We'd have the chance to make it right
Baby I thought that I would be there by tonight

('cause) we were so close and yet so far
And I was almost to where you are
I thought that I could hold you in my arms
I was wrong
But that's how the story goes
How it ends, no one knows
But I will keep you here inside my heart
So close

I never see you
It isn't enough to hear your voice
I need to take you by the hand and pull you close

Now that I love you
Even more than all before
And no matter what I do
I just keep missing you


There's nothing else I need
All I want is you
Right here next to me
You somehow get me through
I will stay forever true

[Half Chorus]