"Just For Tonight" lyrics - TIM ARMSTRONG

"Just For Tonight"

I said: "What's your name?"
She said: "Here's your answer"
She'll put you in a trance, just like Charles Manson

I met her in Kansas
I was down on my love
She gave me a ride in her Chevrolet pick-up truck

She said: "Come on boy, I know your game,
Ya'll talk a little different, but you're all the same"
She said: "I shouldn't take you home, but I probably will"

She lives six blocks up this street, she rides up Gervais's hill

Baby, I want you
Baby, I need you
Baby, I love you
Just for tonight


I've been in the city with all the saints and insane
I visit the dead and all the tombstones were painted
It was 20 below out all night
Then next day I gotta go
Joey Ramone was right