"This Time We Got It Right" lyrics - TIM ARMSTRONG

"This Time We Got It Right"

This time we got it all figured out
This time we got it right

Grabbed my guitar, I said "goodbye!", gonna leave a town again
Back on the bus, hit the road, Lord knows it will ever end
Life for rambling and rolling with the band
Through the bright lights of the city, through america's hard lands

Every storm got a breaking point and the restless souls gotta ride
There's drama in the city and there's smoke up in the sky
And those people who walk around, are boundled up inside
But that ain't us man, we're rolling to the night

If I was an architect, I'd build your home so strong
But I'm a troubadour baby, so I invite you to come along
And I would take my heart out and wear it on my sleeve
And we can stay as long as we want and we can leave when we wanna leave