"Shy Boy" lyrics - TOMORROW

"Shy Boy"

His hair is never right
His acne looks a sight
The clothes he buys don't fit tight
Everybody puts him down
And calls him shy boy

The girl he's always known
Lives just across the road
And she thinks he's super
Her whole world is the little shy boy

Shy-hy-hy-hy boy
Shy-hy-hy-hy boy

She is very thin
Has freckles on her skin
And her hair is mousey
Wears glasses
Takes evening classes
Never dances

But in the firm he works
Amongst the small time clerks
A new girl sits typing
And underneath the desk
A pair of slender legs
Naughty boy

Shy-hy-hy-hy boy
Shy-hy-hy-hy boy

He makes the tea at ten
And then at three again
He buys her biscuits
The cup she's drinking from
He bought a special one
Two and nine

And then he went shopping
And bought a little ring
But he shouldn't have done
It's such a sad thing
She's already wearing one

Shy-hy-hy-hy boy
Shy-hy-hy-hy boy