"The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase" lyrics - TOMORROW

"The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase"

Think your clever image outer
Makes you any better in a fool
They never really see right through you
That's because they just don't know you
And you just laugh and say thank you
I think I'll take a voyage real soon

Wipe that smile of your maker
With another piece of paper
You don't need to own a thing
Why don't you just, pull a string
Everyone's doing tricks but you don't know
When tomorrow comes you'll see a different show

Can't you see we're there in the front row
I believe dawn is light
Wrap it up tight
I mean the contradiction guiding light
Kiss the flame, that changed your name

Been a laughing meter lately
Mask off you're just imitating now
Creep-ing, crawling, going very slow
The things you plant they just don't seem to grow
The ground you tread it just screams out "Oh no"

The simple just becomes absurd
I don't know a single word to describe
Look-ing from a thoroughly different view
You could almost fit there too
But the man's not in who has the cruise

It's just us and we're here too
Looking back slowly back
Don't know why
You didn't take the truth as just a lie
What you fear, we're still here