"Love Made A Way (Forevermore)" lyrics - TRANSATLANTIC

"Love Made A Way (Forevermore)"

Where were you when I was all but over?
Looking at the wreckage of my life
Was your arm not long enough to grab a hold?
Or were you right there with me all the time?

All along a sacred song was playing in my mind
Like a window to another world
All that matters now is that I feel you deep inside me
When my heart is like a whirlwind
Yeah, when my heart is like a whirlwind
I know it'll be alright

Love made a way
When there was no way out
As I lay dying
Love made a way for me

This is the way
That you must know yourself
Always defining
What you were meant to be

Here there is a fire
There deep as desire
Far beyond what we see
Reach there in the quiet
Seek and you will find it
Right where it's said to be

Love made a way
When there was no way out
Open the moment
Your heart it holds the key

Bright as a new morning
Rush as the sky soaring
Wide as the open sea
Free 'cause it costs nothing
High as the sun pouring
Love even down to me

After the rain
All that will remain is love