"Solitude (Forevermore)" lyrics - TRANSATLANTIC

"Solitude (Forevermore)"

When it came it was far worse than expected
For many nights and days and days
So I curled up in my comfortable place
And huddled with my possessions
And wondered what is worth fighting for
When I felt so far away

There in the dark with my solitude
Looking for answers to questions why
Asking myself, what will I become?
Searching for clues that will ease my mind

So I locked the doors and I turned off all devices
And I seemed to live in metaphors in oh so many ways
And in the darkest dead of night
I came to a conclusion
There was only one solution
That could help me find a way

There in the dark with my solitude
Finding the answers to questions why
Solving the clues so I understand
Seeing myself and what I've become

Love made a way
When there was no way out
When I was hopeless
Love made a way for me

Reaching for dawn as I start to rise
Bracing myself for the doubt inside
But there's a fire in my soul and it's burning now
To fight for my life and be homeward bound

Love made a way
When I was broken down
Out in the shadows
And love made a way for me

Far and away
I think I got closer now
I'm making some headway
And it's feelin' alright to me