"The Skull" lyrics - TROUBLE

"The Skull"

This is my body
My sacrifice to you
This is my blood
Which shall be shed for your sins
I have come to be the light of the world
Not to judge but to save all of you

As darkness sets,
The agony begins
One of you will betray me with a kiss of death
Pray that you may not enter into temptation
God gives me strength, I'm going to be crucified

A crown of thorns
And disgraced by scourge
I took up my cross
Had to carry it to the skull
Do not weep for me, but for you
And your children
Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Why did we turn our backs on him
How could we let it happen
Just stood and stared at the man on the cross
The time will come when we must face life alone.

You got to make up your mind
For what you know is right
Let's not be another face in the crowd
We can do it together

Let us pray
For those who crucify - christ have mercy
For fools who follow fools - christ have mercy
For those who walk in darkness - christ have mercy
And for all of you - Christ will come again.