"The Wish" lyrics - TROUBLE

"The Wish"

Living in a world of delour
Hate a part of life
If that's all we live for
Then I would rather... die.

I'm going mad, can't you see my pain
I pray to you God, won't you please help me
Fulfill my deathwish
It's my only chance for escape

Losing touch with reality
What is left for me
Suicide? is death my only way
Or is it life, life woth you Lord

I am trying to find my way
Through fields of hope
The only flame that burns inside
Is my mortal death.

My dream is love
Love for everyone
Show me the way lord
Show me the way to be free.

My mind is lost, had no hope to live
All alone with no one to care
So much pain I can't go on
You had the faith where others had none.

When I say that I need someone
All I need is you lord only you
You showed me the way to live
You saved me from my wish of death

I'd give my life to my Lord
Reaching out you heard my cry for help
Take my troubles and take my soul
I know you love me, and that's all I need.


My mind is free, I'm saved at last
All the pain has been drawn from me
Never thought how good life could feel
Your love has helped me make it through