"Born Again" lyrics - TYLER CHILDERS

"Born Again"

Once I was a dying breed
Chewin' on an ancient leaf
Before we took the notion
To keep up with the times
And leave 'em all behind
Chisel to the paper
Tattoos on the ether
Fadin' in the light

All the while I'd gorge my gut
Come the time then I would rut
Runnin' high and low to find my prehistoric queen
To keep me warm till Spring
When I'd go out with my friends
Graze the land and wonder when I'd see your face again

Till the day I met my doom
I took one in the boiler room
To put food on the table of a dying breed of man

Once I was a broken heart
And once I tore your heart apart
Once my heart put out before I ever got to breathe
But my soul returned to seed
And come to Earth again
Clucking out a livin' as the favorite layin' hen

'Til the day I met my doom
A fox got in the chicken coop
Doin' all he knew to do to feed a hungry den

On and on down the line
I've swam canals and bore the hide
Of plenty births along this ride of being born again

Once I was and you were too
And we were both the word of truth
We built this world together with a loud and mighty bang
Lord it sounded like a train
And echoed o'er the land
And we came up with a game to play of being born again