"Honky Tonk Flame" lyrics - TYLER CHILDERS

"Honky Tonk Flame"

I was out of my mind the first night we met
I was feeling lonely and blue
I'd just moved to the country to get me some rest
The city can put a hurtin' on you
Especially a fella from eastern Kentucky
Without a penny or a worth to his name
Wasting his life on a burnin' desire
And chasing that honky tonk flame

You were soft on the eyes and a Hymn on the hearing
Leaving me helpless of lines
To get you to listen to the way I was feelin'
And the plans I had made for our night
Hold on now buddy won't ya wait up a minute
You're mistaken if you think I'm the same
As them skirts you've been chasin' all over town
Along with that honky tonk flame

I'm a woman with a love so true
Truth of the matter I'd give it to you
You just got to slow down, quit actin' that way
Burnin' your barn in this honky tonk flame

You were sweet to the touch
And a touch for the takin'
The minute I learned how to breathe
Finally found out that the love of a woman
Who loved me was all that I'd need
Still on the road 'cause I ain't good for nothin'
Except writing the songs that I sing
Beating them strings like they're owing me money
And chasing that honky tonk flame

But I got me a woman with a love so true
Darlin' to me but that's missus to you
All I did was slow down and quit actin' insane
Burnin' my barn in this honky tonk flame