"Intro (Funk Your Head Up)" lyrics - ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S

"Intro (Funk Your Head Up)"
(Hamilton Bohannon)

One, two
Coming right back at ya
Just call yo' dispatcher
90 mile fast ball straight for the catcher
Stature, tall
Catch a fall
Bringing heat to the people like a match to walls
Now I never did claim to be a man of the streets
But I do know my way around some pillows and sheets
Kicking rhymes and beats from back in prepbuesence
Kept it strong throughout my adolesence
At first take presents would come and go
But I'd always make a move to improve my flow
Just to let y'all know I got some years in the game
And half of them came before you even knew my name
Feelin' just the same like when I kicked my first lyric
With brothers in the back sayin' yo that's the spirit
You know it when you hear it that's you what you gon' get
Young is coming at ya with the one hit