"Introduction To The Funk" lyrics - ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S

"Introduction To The Funk"

Introducing MC wasteman or call me devil

Am not a good MC, but am good at rhyming
Every word has a special timing
Put notes down and the underlining
Bare gunshots I started firing
At ur mum, she started crying
U can't MC so stop trying

Look at all dem scars on ur skin
U don't wanna get dashed in the bin
Get left with a bruised up chin
If you clash me I will win

I can put a guarantee
That if you beef me
It'll be world war 3
I got a whole army
Waitin by the tree
They got ur house key
They got it for free
'Cause am truly
The only

Don't say no threats
I'll make you clean creps
On ur own doorsteps
Am talkin' to the skets
With no big decks
Making bare fake cheques
Making bare fake bets
In ma casino
I wear machino
At ur party
I wear versachy

I had plastic surgery
I looked like mercury
Covered ma face with burbery
Started working at siansbury

Listen to this song
Am skiny but strong
Don't get me wrong
Beef will be long
How about we clashed
Ur girl got lashed
Ur face got smashed
Ur house got trashed
Ur mum got dashed
Ur money got stashed
And ur car got mashed

Ur mum is a cow
She was like pow
She's getting lashed now
I don't know how
Am like wow

Don't bring ur crew for a war
They'll end up all getting bor
I can bet u a shiny score
Lets beef at da one pound store
Fuk the beef les go hardcore
I'll draw for da bedroom door
Or draw for the ugly claw
For sure