"Black X List" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS

"Black X List"

The building has stood for years
Remains of the house still here
The overseer held his ground until they shot him down
This land is rich with sin
They know just what they did

Black X List the door is open wide
Worlds Collide gravity switches sides with a voodoo kiss
Black X List the flame is turned inside out
Unravel doll but don't let her out you'll pay for this

The trees are looking in
The air here is very thin
Sends shivers up my spine tares me up inside
This land is rich with sin
They know what they did

Spirits, spells, curse of death
A sweet revenge of the Black X List
We came to see if it was true
Became the one that haunted you

Now only ash remains
Still hearing a voice of slaves
The corpses were never found
The case never solved
Curse of the Black X List
Unravel the doll