"Thirst For A Kill" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS

"Thirst For A Kill"

The night begins to close in
Silence screaming loud again
The heat has cooled
But don't forget
The thirst for blood never ends

Welcome to my Hell
Break the silence tell the tale
Victims start to scream
Eyes of fire summon me

You hold the key inside
The blood of ancient past
Sacrifice is made
Thirst for a kill
An acquired taste
That's best served cold

Welcome to the end
Demise of man is revealed
Sirens echo screams
Eyes of fire summon me

Days become weeks on end
A month a year around again
Instinct gets the best of me
The thirst is still inside of me

The oceans swallow Earth and man
Wash away rebuild again
Your throat is dry you can't drink
A thirst for a kill