"Ass-Kickin'" lyrics - WARRIOR SOUL


I come bangin' through the bedroom door
I been runnin' with a two-bit whore
Behavior is bad but I'm out of sight
Suckin' on a bottle and I'm ready to fight

I'm just ass-kickin' rock and roll

No one's gonna keep me out of the bar tonight
Gonna keep on drinkin' 'til I feel alright
There's no place I'd rather be
Smokin' babes, a bottle and the bros and me

Just ass-kickin' rock and roll

If you dig the government I wish you well
I say them suckers they can go to hell
You say man, Kor., what did they do
Tell you one thing it wasn't for you

'Cause you're ass-kickin' rock and roll

It's a drag all alone locked in silence
Stand your ground fight the world in hard defiance
Take a look in your heart, fist to the sky
A spirit that lives to fight, remember will never die

I like runnin' with a two-bit whore
I like tootin' other people's blow
I like a bar on an empty night
I like whiskey and gettin' tight
I like a bike on the boulevard
I like life and I live it hard
I like rejection and not fittin' in
I think it's time that we begin
Some ass-kickin rock and roll