"I Love You" lyrics - WARRIOR SOUL

"I Love You"

You yell at me
When the dishes aren't done
But when we're in bed babe
We'll have fun 'cause I love you
I am broke, the depression kicked in
But when we're alone babe
I'm ready to sin 'cause I love you
When I got you close, next to me
I'm making love like it's world war 3
'Cause I love you
We walk this dying land
Children of the damned
'Cause I love you
Never wash the walls, never wash the floor
But when you're in bed baby
You're my whore
'Cause I love you
The president's a joke
Government's corrupt
I'm ready to rock, are you ready to suck?
'Cause I love you
We walk in silent rage
No hope, no pay
'Cause I love you
Destabilization starts at the top
When I lie you down, I'm gonna shut you up
'Cause I love you
I'll stay with you for the rest of your life
As long as you don't look like
The president's wife
'Cause I love you