"Agony Fires" lyrics - WATAIN

"Agony Fires"

Beyond god's pestilent grace
Obscured by light his spawner dwells
Hidden but soon to be found
Beyond shrouds of fading life
All fires leave reeking ashes
Not only glow that shines
And the dawns you've blessed shall be cursed
A thousand times

Clean the mirrors from the dust of god
And nothing shall be there
For you are too weak to turn the key
Chained to life by fear

Oh, as solitude awakes
Razorsharp it shines
Reflections in your gazing eyes
For the first time burnt by sun

Each dawn rising in plagueous glory
And touching the withering ground
Shall feed your agony fires
For your truth has now been found

Feel the power
Bow down like the servant you are
For great evil flows through your shells

A fall from grace
Yet a rising in glorious ashes
The gate lies crushed
And the key to life has melted
A path will open
And wrath will enter
I rejoice in silence
Suffering is the key to the world of the beast