"Four Thrones" lyrics - WATAIN

"Four Thrones"
(E / Watain)

Come redeeming wings of final judgement
The greatest war to bring the deepest peace
Tread forth in shapeless silence
Through the gateway prepared for thee
Oh bringer of forbidden fire
In the midst of the underworld borth
Let us hold high the Chalice of Satan
And drink deep, to the world's end

Let our praise reach out to all corners of the earth
Hail Levyathan!
And put fear in the hearts of all those by its mud given birth
Hail Lucifer!
Tonight the heavens shall burn by the love of our Lord
Hail Beelzebuth!
Great god of the lawless no longer in shadows adored
Hail Belial!

May these words of your sons and daughters
Churn thee up from chaos waters
As they reach into the outer world to summon forth the final tide
When bottomless Absu has drunk itself dry
And turns from womb to tomb
A gaping hole into which all shall fall
Day of wrath unto night without end
Equilibrium of total death

Majesties of lawless darkness
In our hearts thy thrones prepared
Storm and water, earth and flame
In spirit joined, released and untamed

Deep of the west, dragon, ye crocked one
Hail Leviathan!
Flame of the south, lightbringer, morning sun
Hail Lucifer!
Storm of the east, wordless and desolate lord
Hail Beelzebuth!
Mount of the north, wrath of the underworld
Hail Belial!