"Hymn To Qayin" lyrics - WATAIN

"Hymn To Qayin"
(Set Teitan / Watain)

Mighty path-opener
Striking fast as the sharpest of spears
Bringer of the black light
I bask in your halo of glory and might
Treader of the Path of thorns, cursed yet truly blessed
Through exile, coronation and conquest
To the throne of the Ravens of Death
Mighty master Qayin, guide my hand
For my deeds are thine
Firstborn of the Black Light
Lord of the Shadows of Death
And father of the Bloodline

And as I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
I shall fear no evil, for Baaltzelmoth is with me
His scythe smites all my enemies
And his 7 keys open the gates leading beyond this prison so foul

Death bringer
Death dealer
Whose might even the pale raped moon reflects
Thorn-crowned master, scythe wielder
Bearer of the serpent's mark
By your left hand green was stained red to bring forth the Black
For to kill one is to murder all

The mark on your brow is the sign I follow and bear
Show me the secrets of seed, root and fruit
To harvest from the tree of knowledge
Before the final reaping lead by Death's sinistral hand
From below the first grave mound
At the crossroad of life and death
The gates within were opened without
The great black cross stands solemn upon the skull and the crossed bones
And the mysteries whispered by the dwellers within the

With the signing of the first dead
In Death
Through blood and incense burning in snake shapes
You opened wide the gates
And I looked and beheld a black horse and its masters name was Qayin
And Hell followed with him