"Home Game" lyrics - WAXAHATCHEE

"Home Game"

23rd Street
The only girl I've ever seen
Pumpkin street lights
I was just 14
You were not sick
You hit your head on the brick wall
Quick comprehension
Gold rings and waterfalls

We lived a fleeting convention
But I felt constant in others' absence
Your mama
Barely awake
And your faint, light heart
I was stuck from the start

Trophy of mine
High school football games
Enemy lines
I think both sides feel the same
Paris in the back of your mom's Chevrolet
She pretends we're not there
She smells like yesterday

We live like the last two on Earth
And we'll float on our backs 'til the whole sky goes black
And your fresh mind concentrated
All the water we're made of 'til you evaporated

My mother says you are under our feet
Under the sidewalks
Under 23rd Street