"Sister Saint" lyrics - WAXAHATCHEE

"Sister Saint"

Weak knees
Fuck your sympathy
I'll be my own best friend
She prays as the radio plays
"I see a bad moon rising..." again
She lives on hold
What is she trying to save me from?
Blind spot in the adjacent lot
Waiting for my time to come

[Chorus 1:]
I won't wait in this line
I've got nothing left in me
My weight on your shifting spine
I fuck up and you fabricate me

Gray days on paper plates
Our vibrations collide
Sister's a saint
She sets herself aside
Pitfall, publish, appall
I fall down right in the street
You blow smoke
You sugarcoat
Then you take a front row seat

[Chorus 2:]
And I think I've had enough
I'm not listening to it
Lay all of your cards on the table
And I know you'd take every bit

[Chorus 3:]
I won't wait in this line
Sooner or later it goes awry
You live your life like a chore
And I'm not listening anymore