"Thank You World (Remix)" lyrics - WORLD PARTY

"Thank You World (Remix)"

Colours, scents and symphony
Fall on me like tears.
And time around me stretches back
And forth across the years.
Was I sent to see your beauty
Just to please my aching heart.
Well I want to say good morning
But I don't know where to start.
Thank you World.

Thank you World

Well I'm lying in the dew
And I'm staring at the stars.
Yeah, he laid me down this blanket,
Now I call this blanket grass
And the sun is my alarm
And the moon she makes me dream.
And my food is wild honey pie
And water from the stream, Thank you World

Ah Thank you World
Thank you World
Ah Thank you World
For giving me my children
Ah Thank you World
For keeping me alive
Ah Thank you World

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Are you getting the vibe?
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Are you really alive?

Ah Thank you World

She is everything I need
She is living guaranteed
She's what I mean when I say
Everything's alright.
She's got diamonds, she's got pearls
She got wisdom
And this girl is all you need
To know that everything's alright
And I need to know that everything's alright.

When the drawing together
Comes when the warm spring comes
We can fuck the little flame brilliant.