"(Meeting With My) Main Man" lyrics - ALISON MOYET

"(Meeting With My) Main Man"

Well sugar sweetness
Move yourself
I gotta go I got a meet to make
Fine as it is back there
Back up your tin can
Pack off your sweet behind
Aint got no time to fool around
Aint no wet nurse to you child
Pick it up

Baby meeting with my main man
And I get a belly full of lovin'
Meeting with my main man

When I get through here gonna make my way
Up to the 22nd floor with a pile of money
I'll throw it all up for a hit on the back wall
If I want more you'll be the first to know
I'll call you later - much later

Just doing fine my dear up here
Look around "Where do we go" you say
Never could come where I wanna be
This is hard as hell and I don't want to take it easy
Come on now - shake me