"Never Too Late" lyrics - ALISON MOYET

"Never Too Late"

I saw a face, grey as the cold December
A face I know, not the one that I remember
I wanted to hide but I can't run out on you forever
(Milky eyes like opal stones
Staring through a stained glass window
It's never too late to change your mind
Looking through a stained glass window)
It's never too late

I know a man, couldn't change the peace that stands between us
But these open hands are empty bowls to fill
(Come for the one who pays the most
You don't get thanks for loyalty)
And all your friends, they've gone and sold you down the river
They've got your phone book now
(Once your life was a fiery feast
Now it's just a burning ember)

It's never too late
We'll get it back together
It's never too late
Release me from this sorrow

Will you never learn, love knows no bounds
Beggar or a king, it will bring you down
Fool may I be, can't give up the ghost that haunts me

I saw a face, grey as a cold December

It's never too late