"Dirty Dirty" lyrics - ATTILA

"Dirty Dirty"

Tell it to somebody who is listening
I don't give a fuck
I'm ignoring you bitches
Everything you say is just a waste of breath
No ones listening
Were ignoring you bitches
I feel like I'm going 90 down the highway butt naked in a pickup smoking meth during a stickup like a high-speed chase... I just wanna drink beer and smoke weed with my friends and see tits
Under the sweltering sun of the dirty dirty south
On and on and again every day the fun never ends we don't care about possessions
We just wanna drink beer
This is the dirty dirty, where the fun never ends
So bring some booze and your friends
We'll do it over again, again
Hell yeah
I got a 6-pack of beer and I ran out of fucks to give, so come and fuck with me now
You wanna party with the rageaholics
You better not let me down
I got a racecar I drive faster than fuck
You have a bitch with big tits so here's a dick she can suck
Just fuckin pull em out
Tits tits tits tits tits