"Hate Me" lyrics - ATTILA

"Hate Me"

I don't give a fuck about my bad reputation
Never catch me slipping, red cup solo sipping out the whip with your bitches
Don't give a fuck about opinions, that don't pay the bills
I'm just keeping it real
When you're out on the town I hope you're thinking of me
Sipping liquor out the bottle and smoking up on that tree
The moral of the story is: I just want you to see

That the opinions of others should never bother you or me
Get fucked, you wonder why nobody likes you but you hate on everything and have a negative outlook
Fuck that, I'm the product of your creation all your hate and negativity made me stronger
Hell yeah, nobody does it like we do it, having this much fun should be illegal

We're taking over this bitch, join or die up in this bitch, straight villain till the death of me
Hate me, keep my name in your mouth I'll keep my dick in your mother while you're staring at each other
Hate me, you keep on paying my bills, I'm living just for the thrills, you keep on popping your pills

Living it up is just an understatement yeah were living large what what motherfuck a slut
So fuck whatever you heard
You'll never understand
That all your negativity won't get you shit
You're so blind and stupid
Just keep on doing you and I won't give a fuck