"Guilty Pleasure" lyrics - ATTILA

"Guilty Pleasure"

I know what it is
Y'all motherfuckers don't gotta tell me
I see you hatin' down there in your momma's basement
Eatin' your big ole bag o' Cheetos
Greasy ass fingers smashin' hateful shit into your keyboards
I know you're mad at me
But I love y'all motherfuckers
I know you're jam this fucking album
This your fuckin' shit!

A-A-A-A-All these motherfuckers wanna be like me
I'm having a grand ole fuckin' time so come and get you a piece
You wanna try me motherfucker yeah-well nothings for free
You gotta pay the fuckin' price determinations the fee
Yeah all these newcomers try to copy my shit
I'm telling 'em fuck it fuck it suck it you're just not that legit
You cannot hang motherfucker so just stick to your niche
You'll never do it like I do 'cause you're a boohoo ass bitch
I'm going crazy, and circumstance is to blame, between these sleepless nights, working all goddamn day
Aw shit
Success has come with a price so when you're contemplating fame you should take my advice
Listen: You've gotta be yourself, you've got to break the mold, personalities are valuable
Every single day and every single night, jealous people will try to bring you down
Balls to the wall if you're a real OG
Hold it down go hard always stay bitch-free
Never let a motherfucker try to get in the way
And if they ever try to stop you slap 'em in the face
So mentally violent, this is a game you cannot win you couldn't handle all the shit I see and hear
So fucking go
Fucking assholes and undeserving cunts
Riding on a cloud of luck until that luck runs out
Let me see you put it down
Hard work and dedication that's what makes an OG
Get the fuck outta the game if you thought this shit was free
I got your bitch in front of me and she be sucking this D
I give her an extra point she calls me Lord Referee
Banging down south but I can't guarantee
That I'll meet you in my city, but I'll hit you with the weed
Racks in the back seat, hoes on their knees
Saying I'm their guilty pleasure but their boyfriend hates me