"Continuity Errors / Flaming Hot Cheetos / Entertainers" lyrics - BO BURNHAM

"Continuity Errors / Flaming Hot Cheetos / Entertainers"

Do you guys know what continuity errors are? It's where in one shot something's one way, and in another shot it's another way.You know those things? Anyway.

[Bo Burnham & Pre-Recorded Voice]
This comedy performance is brought to you in part by...
Sorry about this.
Flamin' Hot Cheetos
[Rock music playing]
Flamin Hot Cheetos! They're like regular Cheetos, but they're flaming' hot! Normal Cheetos are for pussies! But Flamin' Cheetos are not! For pussies that is!
They're not sponsoring me, I'm just trying to get them to. They're not returning my calls. "Evasively cheesy" is more like it.
Mmm, label-less water. Nothing tastes better than not getting sued.

I, uh... I don't love my fans. I have to be... I don't. You don't want that. You don't want that desperate, sort of cloying thing from an entertainer. "My fans, oh, they stick with me through everything, through thick and thin." Do not stick with me through thick. If I stop entertaining you, throw me to the curb. You wouldn't stick with your mechanic if he stopped fixing your car. I'm in a service industry. I'm just overpaid, okay? I feel a lot of artists, pop artists especially, sort of infringe upon responsibilities that just aren't theirs, in terms of their audience, maintaining their audience at an emotional level. Some of you might be sad, and going through things. I feel for that, life is tough. I'm not gonna fix that with a song. Like "Brave" or "Roar," you know these inspirat- What I'm trying to say is don't listen to a song... like this.