"Do Not Objectify Me" lyrics - BO BURNHAM

"Do Not Objectify Me"

What's that, ma'am? What did you say? This is your moment. Who said it?

Take your pants off!

[Audience laughs]

Do not objectify me, okay? You think it's okay just 'cause I'm a dude?

Do it!

[Audience laughs and cheers]

You think it's okay 'cause he's a dude? That is homophobia. Just the fact that you find it funny. "Ooh, a guy said take off your pants. That's not God's way. Ha-ha-ha!" Jesus Christ, you bigots. I, uh... Show's been pretty rock and roll so far. You know, I know it. -And I...I'd love to keep it going, but life is not always rock and roll. I'm not gonna keep life out of my show.