"Highway To Your Dreams" lyrics - BONFIRE

"Highway To Your Dreams"

Have you ever seen your dreams
The way our children do
The world will change
And fantasy will come true

You just need to close your eyes
Take a roadmap to the moon
And vanish in the freedom of your mind

Don't look back
Like so many times before
Don't look back
Pack your dreams and lock
The door

Ride c'mon ride
'Till you're a thousand miles away
Down the highway of your dreams
Don't loose your faith
You will find a place to stay
Down the highway of your dreams

Make it happen while you can
Fight the reason in your brain
Don't loose yourself in the lies of yesterday

All the visions on your mind
Are the lifeline to your heart
'Cause the hangman's waiting
At the gate of reality

Up and away
There ain't no way to disguise
Up and away
Save your dreams to save your life

Don't give up
Just spread your wings and fly
Keep hangin' on
'Cause it's something worth dying for