"Whenever You Cry" lyrics - BONFIRE

"Whenever You Cry"

Since you've been gone
I'm doing alright
No more lying 'bout what I feel inside

It ain't easy
Sometimes I feel sad
I know it ain't easy
To get you out of my head

So there ain't no love anymore
We both thought it was strong
Baby take my hand if you want
'Cause friends know where they belong

Whenever you cry I'll be there
I gonna put back the smile on your face again
Baby be sure that I'll care
That I'll care for you - only for you

Well I'm a man - but sometimes it's tough
To keep my hands off
While I still can't get enough

It ain't easy - To face that it's true
You know it ain't easy - To live without you

But baby - time will heal the pain
'Cause we will find a way
'Cause our lives - won't be the same
The same like yesterday

I could be a thousand miles away
No matter where I'd ever stay
Whatever you want
Whatever you need I would do for you
Baby I'll be there for you