"I Don't Want You" lyrics - BONFIRE

"I Don't Want You"

Since you went away
It was only yesterday
I couldn't sleep all night
But I'm sure that I was right
Your smell is everywhere
I thought I didn't care
And all the dreams that we shared
Are dying

I can't forget the look
You had in your eyes
You slammed the door
You didn't say good-bye

No - I don't want you - I don't need you
I tell myself everyday
No - I don't want you - I don't need you
I don't love you anyway

I'm drinkin' cheap red wine
And stare at your photograph
I tear it all apart - and just throw it away

Our love's not more than just a memory
Locked inside our hearts
But we both lost the key - baby

Maybe I can take it - maybe I can start again
Maybe I can fake it
Maybe I can make it through
But I don't know