"Dry Land Farm" lyrics - BUTCH HANCOCK

"Dry Land Farm"

There's thunderstorms buildin up over on the county line
All the neighborin farms got rain
But I never get a drop on mine
You might think a little ol' summer breeze
Couldn't do nobody harm
But it burns like a blazin blowtorch
When you're livin on a DRY LAND FARM

When the west wind comes blowin...the sand comes blowin too
And I must say a mouthful is more than I can chew
I swallered a gallon for every acre and God knows it hurt
But it ain't as bad as the trouble I had
Breakin up that dry land farm

Now the politician says to the farmer
You're the backbone of the land
And the irrigatin farmer says...
Thank you sir I'll eat right outta your hand
And your average automobile
Has air conditionin when it's warm
Yeah things are cool for everybody
But the man on the DRY LAND FARM

Now if I had my wicked way in this equally wicked world
I'd build a garden-of-eden for every boy and girl
But I'd take our two-faced president
And I'd grab him by the arm
Stick him out in the middle of the desert
And make him work on a DRY LAND FARM