"Texas Air" lyrics - BUTCH HANCOCK

"Texas Air"

I love the river in the valley
I love the windstorm on the hill
I love the blackbirds in the blue sky
And I love the old windmill
I love the cotton when it's bloomin
I love the ribbon in your hair
I love the sweet smell of purple sage
Yes I love Texas air

Leave my spirit on the prairie
Bury my bones in the sand
Toss my troubles to the western wind
Baby it's a wide wide land

There's a warm wild emotion where I'm livin'
And the wind blows backwards all night long
Trains run for hours without stoppin'
And the mockingbird can sing a
Thousand songs
There's music in the town and in the country
The women and the weather treat you fair
I love to smell the rain when it starts fallin'
Yes I love Texas air...