"I Grew To Be A Stranger" lyrics - BUTCH HANCOCK

"I Grew To Be A Stranger"

I was born on a farm and I was raised up near the ground
I lived that way a few years till my family moved to town
I went to school but no one knew what I was speaking of
When I said I was stranger in the land that I love

I went on up to college and I studied like a fool
They said I had potential and a little bit of promise too
But I learned the things they taught me from below and from above
And I grew to be a stranger in the city that I love

So I left home to ramble, and I rambled east and west
Some places I was cursed, and in some others I was blessed
But I saw our nation quarreling, killing hawks and killing doves
I grew to be a stranger in the country that I love

So one day in my rambles I come back to my hometown
Everybody acted like I'd always been around
Well this world has come to think it knows the things I'm thinking of
But I've grown to be a stranger on a planet that I love