"I'm Too Old For This" lyrics - CHRISTOPHER CROSS

"I'm Too Old For This"

Guess I thought this time of life would be different
Thought I could cruise into my golden years
But I just can't seem to put my mind at rest
'Cause I don't believe my eyes, I don't believe my ears
The willful ignorance across the nation
The screaming yahoos that rage on every station
It makes me crazy and I'm too old for this

Folks in this country used to strive to be better
Work to be smarter so they could understand
Now we idolize the clueless and the mean
It's hip to be stupid, just wear the right brand
I sound like a geezer but it's a disgrace
Try to discuss it and they get all in your face
It's raining morons and I'm too old for this

Too old to see the lack of compassion
Too old to watch it go out of fashion
So easy just to condescend and smirk
When I know I've got to do the work
So I do what I have to do

Fancy churches preaching 'hate thy neighbor'
Corporate lies growing louder every day
Folks too scared to know they're being taken
TV news is poison but we just can't turn away
Too many enemies; almost no friends
Read your history, this is how it always ends
It's sad and ugly and I'm too old for this

Too old to watch the men we elected
Sit on their hands when it's change we expected
So hard to keep the bigotry out of my head
So hard not to wish some people dead
I got to keep a hold on myself

Don't want this anger; I got to stay clear
Too much to do before I get out of here
I still believe in peace but I'm too old for this

Too old to be a knee-jerk reactor
Too old to let my judgment be a factor
Dylan said do not go gentle into that good night
He said rage against the dying of the light
But I don't wanna fight

I'll stick with love, beautiful thunder
Someone who keeps his cool always makes 'em wonder
I'll work to search out the best part of me that I can
And maybe find some kinda better man
Then I'll do what I have to do