"When You Come Home" lyrics - CHRISTOPHER CROSS

"When You Come Home"

Now the days crawl by
And every night I die
Since you've been gone
The dark still brings the dawn
But, baby, what do I care

But when you walk in that door
It won't be like before
No you, no me
Just us eternally
This, babe, I swear

When you come home
You will find a different man
'Cause I learned a thing or two
Trying to live here without you
When you come home
I'll give everything I can
We'll go back where we began
When you come home

Now a woman can be so strong
And a man can be so wrong
So here I stand
A tiny sea of teardrops in each hand
Praying you'll return

When you come home
I will hand my life to you
'Cause I see the bad I've done
Looking out for number one
When you come home
I'll make every pleasure new
And you'll know a love so true
When you come home

I can see our life so crystal clear
But I lose my mind when you're not here
And the clock's so loud and the sheets are cold
And my head's on fire and my heart's on hold
And the day's too bright and the night's so dark
And my insides ache like a hungry shark
And there ain't no dope that can kill this pain
'Cause I smell your skin in the pouring rain

Come home, baby
I've done time for my offense
You can be back home today
'Cause my love will light your way
Come home, baby
We will live in present tense
And my world will all make sense

When you come home
Let forgiveness warm the night
And I'll trade in all my lies
For the soul behind your eyes
When you come home
When you come home
If you come home