"Prayin'" lyrics - CHRISTOPHER CROSS


Frozen in time while the calendar pages
Are falling like leaves from a tree
Getting the sense I'm connected to something
And not sure what's happening to me
A Catholic school kid in thrall to the altar
The rituals moved me somehow
I left it behind when I learned how to think
So it's funny that suddenly now

I'm prayin'
Never thought I would be prayin'
Deep in my soul, prayin'
Tryin' to surrender control

Most of the time I'm not asking for anything
Just like to sit for a spell
And open myself to the chance for some guidance
'Cause thoughts in my head keep me in my own hell

Never thought I would be prayin'
Pompous head bowed
Sayin' beautiful words right out loud

Thank you, thank you
Please be there
That's my favorite prayer

I think that the sages all down through the ages
Were right when they said God is love
Love is alive and I know it's inside me
And not some old man from above
So in the end let me hear you
Keep me near you
Grant me the wisdom to be at my best
Let me forgive so the world may be blessed

Never thought I would be prayin'
Safe and alone
Stayin' peaceful and still as a stone

Thank you for prayin'
May I forever be prayin'
Now it's begun
Knowing that we are all one