"Pimp Like Me" lyrics - D12

"Pimp Like Me"
(Jeff Bass / R. Arthur Johnson / Marshall Mathers / Denaun Porter)
feat. Dina Rae


I gotta tell you motherfuckers the truth
This is straight G shit
And all you can do is respect it

[Verse 1: Swift]
Well I'mma state my name, Swift McVay
None of y'all niggas got shit to say
Rhymes keep coming off like a toupee
Plus I'm big headed running things my way
A selfish man, the back of the hand
Be slapping the hell out of hoes because I can
Prostitute, I want my loot
And I don't give a fuck about your broke-ass man and
Y'all giving niggas what they needing
'Til bitches understand I'm mean and
Swift McVay is, blowing up
Courvosier 'til I'm throwing up
Wanna playa hate me, bitch so what?
What's yo' function? Where's yo' bucks?
All you wanna do is wanna stick him up
You wanna rob me but I got too much (hah)
D12, naturally lifted
You niggas better duck when I cock the biscuit
You fuck wit me, I fuck wit you
Your entourage, nigga fuck them too
I got grenades
What the hell your little twenty-two gon' do?
(Y'all ain't gon' shoot)
Y'all major soft
Cops getting mad 'cause I paid 'em off, made 'em cough
Blood and shit
That's what the hell you motherfuckers get, we runs this bitch?
So hey, you ain't gotta be scared to fuck
If you want head, then prepare to suck (do it)
Even if the nigga don't care to nut
For every stroke, it's a hundred bucks
Respect the game, you just a slut
So open your legs up and get my duck

[Hook: Eminem (Dina Rae)]
You just a.. (ho)
You just my.. (ho)
Dirty-ass.. (ho)
I'm yo' pimp, you my bitch

Go get my.. (dough)
Go bring me my.. (dough)
Dirty-ass.. (ho)
I'm yo' pimp, you my bitch

[Verse 2: Proof]
I don't spit game, no longer than my name
The way my chain hang, my nuts do the same
Don't pay pussy, pussy pay me
Bitch, slut, whore or lady (yup)
And knowing the fact, I was born to mack
That's why I got a ho in the back, blowing my sac
Got good game, that's a hood thang
What'd you brang, loot or poo-tang?
Let 'em all bang, run that cheese
Tell that trick nigga (come back please!)
Rob a L7, that's a square
You a bottom ho, you got to know
Off you I plan to make a lot of dough
So suck fast bitch, and swallow slow
([?]*swish-slap-swish*)[?] (AH!) Bitch quit talking back
([?]*swish-slap-swish*)[?] (AH!) Now walk the track

[Verse 3: Kon Artis]
I don't pay for ass, you pump my gas
You get slapped when we're short of cash
I get whiplash when I hit the gas
And I holla out the window of the hatch
Where's my scratch? Bitch, that's, it
Suck it stroke it make me rich
As a token of my appreciation it's
Another client for you to hit
I don't give a fuck if you gotta go home to the kids
You shoulda picked another occupation, trick
Now you're stuck with me, fuck with me
And I'mma slap you up in this truck
You must be out your mind or something
Crying and whining like you tired or something
Go suck some head until it aches for buffering
You don't work? You make nothing
I'm just another case of a lazy husband

[Verse 4: Kuniva]
I want the paper stack
Buy you an outfit, then take it back
When you page me, bitch, I never page you back
You only act a certain way that I make you act (whattup)
Hoes recognize, and niggas do too
'Cause they realize that niggas do shoot
Don't like a chick that act too cute
Bitch hold my gat down when I shoot hoop (oh yeah)
And don't be asking me, all kind of questions
All harassing me, calling stressing
Or I may have to release some aggression
Beat you to death and teach you a lesson
Looking for handouts like you my damn spouse
Pull your pants down and fuck my mans now
Shut your damn mouth or get in the damn house
Off with the damn blouse and suck on my damn crotch


[Verse 5: Bizarre]
Sell that pussy
Sell that pussy, bitch
Get out there and switch and go make Bizarre rich
You gotta itch, you fucking dirty bitch
Now get on the corner, and start sucking some dicks
Niggas want pussy, and I need cash
So mom, get out there and start selling yo' dirty ass
Bizarre quick to hit 'em, and then stick 'em
Fuck it; I'll let you hear one of my victims:
("Somebody help! I'm on 7 Mile and...")
Shut up bitch, you talk too much!
Now you about to get fucked in your dirty butt!
You never seen a pimp like me, out here whoring
Shut your fucking mouth and you'll be out by the morning
'Cause I'm the dirtiest pimp, you ever heard of
Give me my five-thousand, and take this cheeseburger (bitch!)
Go suck dick at a bachelor party
So what if you on your period? blood never hurt nobody


[Eminem (Dina Rae)]
You just a.. (ho)
You just a.. (ho)
That's all you is.. (ho, ho, ho)
You just a, dirty ass bitch
A dirty ass, nasty ass, stinky ass, filthy ass, stanky ass bitch
(Oooh, ooh-OOOH) Hahahahaha... (lahhh-aHHH)
But I love you... (hahaha).. Kim (mmm)

[Outro: Rondelle Beene]
And there you have it god damnit, the fundamentals of pimping
You heard it here first, from the Dirtiest Dozen
You ever seen in yo' god damn life
Yo this is Rondell Beene on the scene
And we keep the pussyholes smiling, because we always wilding
YouknowhatI'msayin? Fuck all what everybody else talking about
We let you know right here
Big pimping, it ain't dead, we love getting head, in a dirty-ass bed
That's just what we do
You know we was throwing heroin pimp parties back in 1968
The pussy is all great
I'll see you at eight, bitch