"Je Declare" lyrics - D.O.A.

"Je Declare"
(Joe Shithead Keithley)

[Chorus:] je declare - what you whatcha got je declare - fuckin' nothin'! je declare - what you, whatcha got canada customs - fuck that. interstate 5 tryin' to get away back to canada from the U.S.A. almost fuckin' there I drove a thousand miles I pull up to canada customs and I get a strange smile [chorus] open up the van, empty your pockets, get the drug dogs go through the wallets get the rubber gloves, these guys are scum obscene material? it's just our new album [chorus] hey that's not mine. I forgot about that I'm over the limit. some shit lickin' tax a five hour wait. I really don't mind a thousand dollar fine what else did they find?