"Worries" lyrics - D.O.A.

(Brian Goble)

Everybody's worryin', and endless line of thoughts forget about one worry, then up another pops using up your precious time, suckin' out your life torturing your precious mind, a thought parade of strife how powerful is the mind in shaping things to come. the only way to tame the beast is to drink until you're numb we'd save a lot of money if we only could unwind we've thought ourselves into a world bent on suicide hemmorrhoids, ozone, hair loss, money, world war, dog shit, sex, pollution, b.o., worms!!! you're worryin' from dawn to dusk, don't deny it's true shove 'em to the back of your mind but they're still killing you every one that you acquire slowly eats away your soul and turns you from a person to a fleshed-out walking hole