"Road Kill" lyrics - D.O.A.

"Road Kill"
(Joe Shithead Keithley)

Rednecks, truckstop highway patrol, hog-slop, mud-flaps, garth brooks, c/b/ radio and map boks so you walk right in like a nightmare nose rings and purple hair dumb cowboys need a thrill they'd like to make you road kill [chorus:] you don't know who might pull their gun at the truckadero, it's american fun come on and chow the slop just watch your back at the greasy truck-stop. praise the lord! got a gun rack, a rebel flag, and a cold six pack! bible belt good ol' boys don't like our punk rock noise local sheriff don't give bail kick your ass in the county jail too much crap! too much hate! just can't wait for the interstate [chorus]