"Skit 1" lyrics - DE LA SOUL

"Skit 1"
(Trugoy the Dove / Paul Huston / Vincent Mason / Posdnuos)

Hello boys and girls. Welcome to your De La Soul readalong
When you hear this sound... *...that means turn the page.
And now we begin our exciting adventure of... De La Soul is

- Oh my God, Vanilla Ice...
- He's so fly!
- The boy is so good.
- Did you see his body?
- He could dance too.
- He could.
- He's better than any rapper I ever seen!
- And plus his dancers!
- He's so jammin'!

[JEFF:] Yo, what's up?

[HONEYS:] Yo, Jeff, where you been, man?

[JEFF:] Guess what I just found, I just found a De La Soul tape in the garbage.

[HONEYS:] For real? Let's hear it!

[JEFF:] No!

[HONEYS:] Aww, be like that!

[MISTA LAWNGE:] What's up, cocksnot? How ya doing, buddy?

[HONEYS:] Cocksnot? You gonna let him call you that? Sucker!

[JEFF:] Leave me alone!

[LAWNGE:] What do we have here?

[JEFF:] Nothing!

[LAWNGE:] Listen, you little Arsenio Hall gum having punk!

[HONEYS:] Oooh! You let him call you Arsenio! Oooh!

[LAWNGE:] I want the tape!

[JEFF:] It's mine!

[HONEYS:] Oh, he played you! Jeff's getting played! Jeff! Jeff! Bodyslam him, Jeff!

[LAWNGE:] Now! I've got the new De La Soul tape! Hey dicksnot, buttcrust, get over here!

[D.J. AUB:] What's up baby?

[Mase:] Coolin'!

[LAWNGE:] I just got this De La Soul tape, man, slamming. Where's the box? The box!

[Mase:] So, yo, let's get with the shilsnihilsnobilsno!

[AUB:] I got the bidox, let's do this like Brutus!...28. For 3 Feet High and Rising, this is Don Newkirk.