"Demonz On My Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cspg Raider Klan" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Demonz On My Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cspg Raider Klan"
feat. Ruben Slikk

[Hook: Ruben Slikk]
Demons in my mind, ain't nowhere to hide, nigga
I got demons in my mind, ain't nowhere to hide
I got demons in my mind, ain't nowhere to hide, nigga
I be schemin' all the time when I'm on them lines, nigga
I ain't scared, what the fuck is you trippin' fo'? Nigga
I ain't scared, what the fuck is you trippin' fo'? Nigga

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
Raider to gang, Waka to Flocka, Aquarius, nigga, go hard in the paint
Takin' this bank, Pee Wee, give me your flesh, I go hard with the shank
Visit a shark, sleep with the fish, Curry The Killer, that nigga who's this
Tommy Wright, "Street Type," "Hustle and Flow" when I'm whoopin' that trick
Pull out the stick, pull out the gauge, Aquarius Killer, the Raider with rage
Up in the yard, don't step to this, demon around like "The Exorcist"
Emily Rose, I'm tippin' these bowls and splittin' these hoes, we runnin' this shit
Raider to Klan, we crazy like Stan Miyagi, so sorry I'm cuttin' your bitch
Samurai, do or die, Raider to Klan, we all on the run
Little Jitt's wreckin' shit, bullets, Ballistics takin' his gun
Put it to a cop's head, watch a nigga drop dead
Ridin' in the Chevy, Lord Infamous bumpin' heavy
As I get the B, the L, the U-N-T
That's me, a real O.G., and Blackland is where I be

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Ruben Slikk]
Pussy-ass nigga, you owe me money
Head full of shit 'cause your sister want to fuck me
Been at your house and you keep gettin' lucky
This shit won't last, no time for the fuck shit
I bet you on blast and I bet you get fucked quick
Call your little sis' 'cause I want to get my butt licked
4 A.M., geeked up on the suss
Lockpick dick your front door like I'm fuckin'
All in your crib, takin' all the shit
Glock 17 with a beam on a bitch
Aim at your dome when you sleep in the sheets
Shadow hand swag how I creep and I creep
With the all-black Vans you can't even see
Flesh feelin' numb from the cannabis seed
Nigga, I'm high, nigga, I'm dope
Ruben Slikk'll put the nine to your throat
Nigga, what you got? For a nigga life
Ruben fuckin' Slikk, yeah, sellin' that white
Backhand slap, slingin' that coke
I don't give a fuck, nigga never broke
Nigga fuckin' hoes, that's how I do
That's how I gotta live my life, see it through
To the fuckin' light, look to the light
Ruben fuckin' Slikk, get high off the white
Nigga take a bump right to the nose
I don't give a fuck, stay fuckin' with the hoes
Stay higher than a bitch, Ruben fuckin' Slikk
Higher than a motherfucker, extras in the clip
Got thirty rounds all up in a bitch
Finna just pull that trigger back, bitch
Nigga just put them holes in your chest
Nigga just put that hole in your head, damn

[Hook 2x]