"Kvn Shxt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Kvn Shxt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
feat. Mike Dece, Ruben Slikk & Yung Simmie

Came in through the front door, lil' nigga that big 4
Niggas know what I came for, that bank roll that cash flow
Raider Klan in yo girl throat, Raider Klan in yo girl ass
Blaze up then talk last, they see through like new glass
Don't ask I won't tell, but even if niggas know triggas' don't miss
Im gon' do me with my arm around yo bitch
If bitches was money well fuck it im rich
If I was a lame I would lay in a ditch
But I am the man, with my hand on my dick
Not bragging or boasting but I am the shit
I'm flowing is so dope, I should start selling bricks
Niggas is hatin' cuz the paper Im chasin'
Crooked ass cops don't wanna see a nigga make it
Shoot yo clothes off and they'll find your body naked
You got it, well ima take it
Curry on the beat, he finna rape it

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
Boucin Im rockin electrical shockin
The gun to the cock it I shoot it I pop it
You leaning I drop it his body get shot
Then I buy it I sell it my nigga I cop it
Like handcuffs, but not arrest, A
Quarius'Killa that nigga's the best
Fucking with me better get off yo chest
But fucking with me and yo ass gon' rest
In the fuckin hearse, Denzel Curry is a curse
Devilz is my rivals, untold chapters in the bible
Bitch im like lord infamous, taught by the scarecrow
Fuckin with raven leavin niggas dead like necro
Odd nigga like mellowhype, when you hear them gunsounds
Purrp told me to keep it G, but I keep it to the underground
Blackland six six dot, 2Pac with two Glocks
Fuck around get twelve shots, I aim for heads like dreadlocks

[Verse 3: Mike Dece]
Fuck bars I spit zannies, take off yo bitch panties
Pass her some X pills she said damn that dick dandy
Candy, Im smashin' that bitch
Rappin' that shit when im cashin' and shit
She jokin' and chokin' im laughin and shit
Poppin these addies im fast on this shit
She clappin' and shit, suckin me up
I know she a slut so I bust in her guts
Dont give a fuck she still give me that butt
But im all buckled up strapped and running her up
Im drunk as fuck, eatin' that pussy
Like makeveli fucker do not push me
Gettin' that brain but im going retarded
I am the shit motherfucker who farted

[Verse 4: Ruben Slikk]
Slingy bitch through the front doe
Ruben fucking slikk all in ya broad
Big dick yeah long and hard like the mothafuckin wood on yeah yard
Back yard, act hard, pussy nigga you will get popped
Ruben slikk, hollar at a nigga, if you want a acid drop
Fifteen, for the tab, yeah bitch I know your dad
He bought acid from a nigga like me
Way back in the day talkin bout last week
Hey nigga, yeah nigga, ruben slikk all in ya head nigga
Gettin head nigga, from a bad bitch
Bust a nut in her face like cabbage
All of that, from her purse
Big dick then disperse
Yum yum, she eats, that big dick like healthy treats
Talkin bout that healthy one, talkin bout that healthy one
If ima fuck a bitch raw then it better be a healthy one